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Our productionmachinery

Our production rests on solid foundations

Weaving preparation begins with the yarn testing for color, count, and look. Then, after another check, it is put into the creel as the first stage of the warping process.

The threads pulled by the reel are separated by the wiring comb before passing through the reduction comb to achieve the proper width. In tandem with these phases, the reel begins to wind the threads, providing the required uniformity.

In the last stage, all of the warp threads are placed onto the warp beam, ready for processing on the loom.


The majority of the manufacturing is done in the Valdagno facility. The warp beams are moved to a specific area, where they will be loaded into the loom. Some beams are not used immediately for supply reasons, but are kept as stocks at a specified location.

The weaving is done in a large hall with around one hundred modern looms.


Quality control

Before being sent to finishing and packaging, the fabrics manufactured in the Valdagno facility must pass a quality inspection.

This phase is critical, because it allows us to thoroughly examine the intrinsic conditions of the products. In this regard, we notify you that slight flaws on the cloth may appear during the production phase, even if in a minor percentage.

The employees regularly monitor the production in order to minimize this issue.

Finally, the product is inspected again, and if any flaws are found, the work is done directly on the fabric, fixing it and bringing it to its maximum quality standard.

Hemming and Packaging

Finally, we complete the production process in our Gallarate factory with packaging and hemming.

This final process is reserved for clothing, which will be offered directly to our clients or used to set up trade shows.